Juniors and Seniors-Please email Ms. Paich ( if you need to apply for a parking permit. 

Sophomores-There is currently a waitlist for sophomore temporary permits.  Please click here fill out the form if you would like to be added to the waitlist. When a parking spot becomes available, the main office will call you down to receive a temporary permit.

MVHS Parking Permit Registration for 2020-2021 (Juniors & Seniors Only)

Parking permits for the 2020-2021 school year can be purchased during the summer online Check-In window. The parking permit application will be completed electronically online as part of the Check-In process. The time frame will be the same window as online Check-In from July 18th to August 1st. A link will be provided in the Check-In steps to complete the application, provide vehicle information and a current driver's license number. Students cannot be issued a parking permit without a current valid driver's license. *Completing the application and paying for a permit does not guarantee the student a parking permit. Senior students will be given priority during the permit distribution in August. The amount of available permits for juniors will be dependent on senior distribution. If junior permits purchased during registration exceeds the available permits (based on senior demand) those junior students will be placed on a waiting list. All additional juniors and seniors who plan to get their valid driver's license after August 6th can add their name to the waiting list. Refunds will be issued for those who are not issued a permit at the start of the school year.

Thank you for your understanding with the student parking challenges at Mountain Vista. Families have individual situations and needs regarding parking, but know we have to follow a determined process. We do our best to create the most spaces possible and distribute permits in a fair and equitable manner.

Reminders for 2020-2021 student parking:

  • Only 11th & 12th graders are eligible
  • Free-First Semester, $25 if issued 2nd semester
  • Must have a valid driver's license (not a learner's permit) to be issued a permit. Student's without a driver's license will be placed on a waiting list.

Parking Permit Rules and Regulations

  1. I understand that a student's vehicle parked on school grounds must be parked in my designated parking lot (assigned at registration) during the school hours of 7:35 a.m.-2:50 p.m. Vehicles parked not in the assigned lot, or occupying multiple parking spaces will be ticketed, booted, or towed according to the following schedule: Parking in any unassigned space on campus including, but not limited to, another student lot, the staff lot, the visitor's lot, the middle school lot, end cap, lawn, fire lane - $50 and/or booting, Parking in a handicap space without a permit - $50 and/or booting.
  2. I understand I must drive safely AT ALL TIMES and must not endanger myself or other persons or property through careless or reckless operation of a motor vehicle or presence in the parking lot. Reckless driving or other behaviors will result in immediate loss of parking privileges and a possible ticket from Douglas County Sheriff's Department. Please note the parking lot speed limit of 20 mph.
  3. I understand all student drivers must be licensed and covered by insurance. (a photocopy of your current, valid driver's license is required at the time of parking registration).
  4. I understand students are not allowed to copy in any fashion, or re-sell a parking permit. Forgery and/or other dishonest behaviors involving parking will result in a fine, and loss of parking privileges for the remainder of my high school career.
  5. I understand one permit is $50 and permits fees are non-refundable.
  6. I understand that if I take 9th graders off campus in my vehicle, I will lose my parking privilege.
  7. I understand parking regulations will be strictly enforced and that Mountain Vista H.S. reserves the right to remove parking privileges for reasons such as (but not limited to): Drug/Alcohol violations, Hit and Run violations, habitual attendance issues, and/or habitual behavior issues.
  8. I understand that all vehicles parked on school property are subject to search by school administrators.
  9. I understand that if I drive a substitute vehicle that is not registered to my primary, permitted vehicle, that I will obtain a temporary parking permit from the security office (as soon as possible) and place the temporary permit in the vehicle where it is entirely visible. 
    1. Temporary Parking Permits will only be issued to students that have a registered parking permit.
    2. Fill out the form 24 hours in advance of needing it. 
    3. Your Temporary Parking Permit will be ready the morning of the date needed.
    4. Pick up your Temporary Parking Pass at the Main Security Office.
    5. You Must Show your ID to receive the Temporary Parking Pass.
  10. Click here to fill out the Temporary Parking Permit Form (temporary only)