Dungeons and Dragons Club


The purpose of Dungeons & Dragons Club is for each participant to become a heroic character in the world's greatest role playing game. Each campaign to a foreign land continues for a couple of months. Each week there's a new and exciting challenge and new members are welcome. Jump in anytime!


High School can be a drag, but not when you are a troll battling an ogre for dominance in the Dungeon of Destiny! Each Dungeon & Dragon member is transformed by the characters they create and the skills and abilities that they roll the dice for. This light-hearted role playing game is a great escape into fantastical creatures, magical lands, and strong friendships. Dungeons and Dragons members are creative spirits, logical thinkers, and adventurers. The best place to be is D and D!


Library backroom (or library proper when it is open), Mondays 3-5 p.m.


Dungeon Master


Kathy Dannen

Kathy Dannen