Iron Eagle Powerlifting Club

Iron Eagle

Mission: To provide athletes the means by which they can train consistently, sensibly and systematically over designated periods of time in a safe, clean and professional environment to help prevent injury and improve athletic performance.

Membership: All athletes are invited to join.

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What are the seasons for the Iron Eagle Club?

  • Winter season is January and February.
  • Spring season is March thru beginning of May.
  • Summer season is June and July.
  • Fall season is September thru November.
  • August and December are off months.

Who can participate in the club?

  • Any male or female athlete from the 8th grade to 12th grade.
  • All sports are welcome.

What is the cost breakdown?

  • Club membership: this gives the student a one-year membership to USA POWERLIFTING and season membership to the Iron Eagle Club.
  • 24 grams of protein after each lifting day for the season.
  • Entry fee for the MVHS Invitational at the end of the season.

When are the practices and competitions?

  • Monday, Wednesday and Friday 3-5 p.m.
  • Tuesday and Thursday 3-4 p.m. for speed workouts.
  • IRON EAGLE CLUB meets will be held on Saturday at the end of each month. For the Winter season the first meet will be held January 30 at 7 p.m. The MVHS Invitational will be held February 27 at 8 a.m.
  • USA POWERLIFTING meets will be announced each season for the athletes that would like to compete at this level. Additional entry fees will have to be paid to USA POWERLIFTING for the meets that the athlete would want to compete in.

What if the student is involved in another sport and not a club member for that season?

  • This is not a problem. To compete at the MVHS Invitational at the end of each season, the non-club member will have to pay a $30 entry fee. This covers the trophies and cost of putting on the meet.
  • The athlete will be a USA POWERLIFTING member for one year and will be able to compete at its meets after paying their entry fees for that meet.

What does a completion look like?

  • For the MVHS Invitational there are seven weight classes.
    • For men they are as follows: 1-125, 126-145, 146-165, 166-185, 186-205, 206-225, 245-up.
    • For women they are as follows: 1-105,106-114,115-123, 124-132, 132-145, 146-158, 159-173, 174-up.
  • For the USA POWERLIFTING, please see its website to find ages and weight classes.
  • The athletes will start by being weighted and will proceed to the warm-up room. When the meet begins, we will start with the squat first. Each athlete will have three attempts. Then we will move to the bench where each athlete will have three attempts. Then we will end with the dead lift. Again, the athlete will have three attempts.
  • The athlete's best lift in the three different lifts will be totaled for the athletes score. The highest score in each weight class will be the winner of that weight class.

Is any additional equipment needed?

  • For all MVHS Invitational meets, the athlete will need a t-shirt and shorts.
    • An approved lifting belt and wrist wraps will be provided.
    • Optional: knee sleeves, knee socks; lifting shoes (squat and deadlift); baby powder (deadlifts) and towel.
  • For all sanctioned USA POWERLIFTING meets, the athlete will need a singlet, t-shirt, underwear (boxers, boxer briefs and shorts are not permitted), approved lifting belt, knee sleeves, knee socks, lifting shoes (squat and deadlift), wrist wraps, baby powder (deadlifts) and towel.