Ultimate Frisbee Team

Ultimate Frisbee club will not be meeting in the fall (September-December) of 2020.


To develop character and physical fitness through practicing the sport of Ultimate Frisbee.


The Ultimate Frisbee Team is a co-ed club open to players of all levels. Even if you've never thrown a disc before we can teach you. Ultimate Frisbee (or simply Ultimate) is a non-contact disc sport. Central to Ultimate Frisbee is the "Spirit of the Game" - competition without sacrificing fair play. For example, players call their own fouls even in championship-level games.

We have a competition-level team that plays other high schools in the area. Consistent participants in the club are welcome to play on the team. League play for open (girls and boys) and girls teams starts in March and runs for 8 weeks.


Fridays, 3-4:30 p.m., Red-Tail Park (Our meetings are very laid back. Usually we warm up and play a game. We'll do throwing drills as needed.)

Bring comfortable clothing you can run in and water. Cleats are encouraged but not necessary.


There are no club dues or fees to participate in the club. There is a small cost (<$20), if you would like to buy a jersey.

Michael Christofferson

Michael Christofferson

Co-Sponsor mchristofferson@dcsdk12.org
Ben Westlund
Ben Westlund
Co-Sponsor ben.westlund@dcsdk12.org