Student Canvas Access

Student Canvas Access

Click Here to Login to Canvas (you should be the only one signed into your DCSD Google Account to gain access).



Canvas Account Online  Canvas Account on APP
  1. Make sure you are logged into your DCSD Google Account

    1. No one else can be logged into any Google Account 

    2. If someone else if logged into a Google Account, then Canvas will not connect to your account

  2. Go to the MVHS Website

  3. Click on the “Student” tab

  4. Click on “Canvas Student Access

  5. Your credentials are your DCSD username and password

    1. Make sure you are the only account logged into Google

  6. You should now have access to your Canvas Courses

  1. Go to your App Store

  2. Download “Canvas Student

  3. Find School: Search Douglas County School District-Teachers/Students

    1. If needed, the URL is: 

  4. Sign in using your DCSD username and Password

  5. Follow the last directions, then you should have access to your courses.