Bookkeeper's Corner

FEE Update Notice as of February 21st
  • 2nd semester course fees were assessed 2/20/24.
  • Senior families, please remember that all fees need to be paid so that the bookkeeper can sign your graduation form.  If you are disputing a fee, please address it sooner rather than later.


2023-24 Express Check In Fee Letter

Express Check In Begins 7/24/23



2023-24 Board Approved Fees Click Here

Fee payment is through MySchoolBucks. Should you experience any issues with this site, please call 855-832-5226 x2048 for assistance.

Please note that ALL high school students are charged the $40 Instructional Material Fee that is listed on page 1 of the board approved fees (copy and paste the link above to see the full list of Board approved fees). This fee along with your 1st semester course fees will be assessed after the add/drop period on 8/28/23 (1/29/24 for 2nd semester).

All students in AP courses will be assessed the AP Exam fee of $97. The following TWO steps MUST BE FOLLOWED FOR AN AP EXAM TO BE ORDERED FOR YOUR STUDENT:

1-Pay the AP Exam fee of $97 in MySchoolBucks (assessed to all students enrolled in an AP course on 8/28/23 (or 1/29/24).  If the fee is not paid by 11/1/23 (or 3/1/24) the fee will be waived and a test will not be ordered for your student

2-Log into the college board website to register for the exam

If BOTH of these steps are not completed, an exam will not be ordered for your student.  The teachers go over all of this in class with your students as well (several times).

If you feel your household may qualify for free or reduced lunches please apply online beginning July 15 here. You must indicate that you want this information shared with the school for any fees to be waived or reduced. Please wait until you have received notification that your family qualified for this program before completing the online Check-In.

Parking Permit information (for juniors and seniors only) is available in MySchoolBucks.  Permits will not be given to anyone with any outstanding fees.  Payment of course fees must be paid in full by 9/15 for 1st semester and 2/15 for 2nd semester or the parking pass will be revoked.  The applications can be found in the school store in MySchoolBucks.

There are several optional fees you may pay on MySchoolBucks (in the School Store):

1.     $5.00 Student Planner

2.     $50.00 Activity Card (for admission to home, regular season athletic events) which is part of your student’s ID.  This must be paid by 8/1/23 to avoid the additional $5 charge to reprint the ID.

3.  Donations to the school or to your student's class (Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior)

4.  Senior Photo Fee information is in the school store (in MySchoolBucks). 

5.  New this year: All yearbooks will be ordered through Jostens (MySchoolBucks will not be an option). Click Here for yearbook information.

6. The MVHS magnetic calendars can be ordered here: Click Here

7.  The Spirit Packs sold by Student Leadership (3 MVHS t-shirts) can be ordered here: Click Here

8.  You can learn more about the King Soopers Rewards Program fundraiser of various teams/activities here: Click Here